In 2010, the University of the West Indies Development and Endowment Fund (UWIDEF) initiated a special scholarship drive. The UWIDEF Scholarship Fund was established and subsequently the campaign was dubbed “Each One, Give One”The Each One, Give One campaign promotes the idea that ‘many’ can benefit from the cumulative actions of individual efforts.

By several small organizations contributing a sum of money or gifts per period (monthly/yearly), one more scholarship will be made available for a student in need. To this end, over 1000 (one thousand) small to medium size companies were actively solicited between March 2012 and September 2012. In response to the message of the Each One, Give One campaign, UWIDEF has been able to receive contributions ranging between J$5,000 to J$250,000 from a number of firms and individuals.

We are challenged to restore hope to many of the students who feel that the tertiary education they aspire to achieve is unattainable despite their academic qualifications. With your help we can meet this challenge and give our gifted and needy students the opportunity to become qualified and gainfully contribute to economic life. If you would like to contribute to this campaign please contact the UWIDEF office at (876)977-6757-8 or 876-436-5001.