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30 Years of Service

30 Years and Over 30 Projects!

Over the 30 Years of its existence, UWIDEF has funded research and supported projects which have impacted students’ lives, increased access to education and enriched the quality of the UWI Mona campus’ offerings to its students through or by way of; 30 YEARS

• The establishment of over 50 scholarships and bursaries
• Annual donation to UWI Students’ Meal Grant
• Internship opportunities and research grants
• Student Housing Grants
• Distribution of 500 Tablets for Online Distant Learning
• 3M/UWIDEF Library Security System
• Restoration of the Mona Chapel
• Mona/View-UWI Digital Signage Network
• UWI SODECO (Solutions for Developing Countries)
• Funded the Tropical Metabolic Research Institute for Discovery Research for Obesity
• Funded the Sickle Cell Unit
• Established Distance Learning Centres in Brown’s Town, Savanna-la-mar, Vere and Denbigh
• Faculty of Education – Computers
• Department of Economics – Equipment
• University Hospital of the West Indies – UWIDEF Donates critically needed equipment annually
• Sir Phillip Sherlock Monument
• Grant – Natural History Society
• Provision of Outdoor Park Benches & Parking Facilities
• Social Sciences Lecture Theatre – Equipment
• Refurbishing Neville Hall Lecture Theatre
• UWI Mentorship Programme
• New Conference Room and Facilities
• Grant-Mona Institute for Medical Science
• UWI Banner Computerization Project
• Grant- Conference on Caribbean Culture
• Provision of Tapes to the Library for Spoken Word
• Grant-Intellectual Property Fund

• Grants-Research and Publications
• UWI/Lions Centre for Students with Disabilities
• Securing Faculty Housing
• UWI Waste Water Project
• Computer Labs in Student Halls of Residences
• HD Hopwood Medical Education Computer Centre
• UWIDEF Centre for Philanthropy
• The Most Hon. Edward Seaga Distinguished Fellowship
• Upgrading of Geology Museum
• Guild of Graduates-Establishment of “Docuspot” Centre
• UWI Founders Park (UWI Credit Union)
• UWI Inter-Campus Garnes
• Grants to UWI/ISER
• Students Care HIV/AIDS Peer Education
• Eye Screening and Visual Aids for Student
(FISH & Office of the Principal)
• Expansion of Building-Tropical Metabolism Research Unit
• Grant-UWI Centre for Environment and Development
• Refurbishing of Guild of Students Office
• Nurses Accommodation
• Restoration of Campus Murals
• Paving of Walkways
• Campus Gateways
• Overseas Study Programme
• Shell Distinguished Research Awards

UWIDEF has supported projects which have impacted student life, increased access to education and enriched the quality of the UWI Mona campus’ offerings to its students.